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Success stories

Apr 12, 2018

Lanificio Luigi Riccieri


Founded by Luigi Riccieri in 1925, the company is now run by his grandsons Francesco and Luigi. Lanificio Riccieri is a producer of unique and high quality wool fabrics for the fashion industry. Due to the high value of its products, Lanificio Riccieri needed a top-class dryer. The company dyes fine wool and other fibres both as tops and loose stock.

The co-owner Luigi Riccieri says: "Stalam is the top of the range. It’s the most famous brand, the original one. Thanks to the versatility of the Stalam equipment, we can now achieve a rapid and uniform drying in both tops and loose stock."

“The linen gets the most benefits from it” he says “The Stalam machine prevents over-drying of the fibres. It is much more versatile than the previous hot air dryer we had. Moreover Stalam has always provided a fast and professional after-sale service since the machine installation”.