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Pharma & Cosmetics

Radio Frequency equipment for the organic sanitisation of Cannabis


Moulds and yeasts are a serious and common problem that many Cannabis growers face every day, in both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Stalam has developed a solution to this problem: the post-harvest Radio Frequency sanitisation of Cannabis and other medicinal or aromatic herbs. The “RF” series equipment for the batch sanitisation of Cannabis is based on the use of Radio Frequency energy at 27.12 MHz (ie. a nonionizing electromagnetic field), which represents today a much better alternative to conventional thermal processing methods for the disinfestation, disinfection and pasteurisation of a wide range of temperature-sensitive substrates. In the Stalam “RF” sanitisation system the inactivation of the required species (pests, moulds, yeasts, bacteria, etc.) is achieved by means of a gentle and rapid dielectric heating treatment, at temperatures that may range from 60-70°C to 100-110°C according to the target species, which combines synergetically thermal and cell membrane electroporation effects. 


This dual action of the RF field is lethal for the biological entities contaminating the substrate, thus providing an effective sanitisation and shelf-life extension technique. Significant reduction of the contaminating species can be achieved without using chemicals or applying drastic thermal treatments which would have detrimental effects on the physical, chemical, functional and sensorial characteristics of the product, such as causing terpenes and THC loss in the specific case of Cannabis.





Rapid and instantaneous treatment

Unlike surface disinfection, the RF field penetrates instantaneously into the entire product mass, regardless of density, size or thickness. 2 to 10 kg batches are treated in less than 10 minutes 


Safe, organic and chemicals-free treatment

Organic and chemical-free process that is non-ionizing, non-irradiating and non-oxidizing.  Reduces TYMC to less than 10,000 cfu/g in one cycle with a starting count of over 150,000 cfu/g 


Preserve potency and high terpenes

The cannabis preserve all physical and organoleptic properties, the process ensures no THC loss or conversion and terpene retention over 95% 

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