Other applications of the RF technology

Stalam has got experience in most of the below listed applications. Just contact us for a preliminary technical and economic feasibility of your project or to test your product in our fully equipped lab.

  • Vulcanising and drying of natural latex, SBR and other foamed polymers
  • Drying, conditioning and gluing of wood materials (laminates, profiles, parquet, cork, MDF, etc.) and papery substrates (paper, corrugated cardboard, carton tubes, etc.
  • Partial dehumidification and drying before baking or sintering of ceramics and refractories (sanitary ware, pottery, technical ceramics, catalytic supports, etc.)
  • Pre-heating of thermosetting powders and of linoleum granules before lamination
  • Drying and thermosetting of composite materials (including cement-resin blends, organic and inorganic thermal- and sound/noise insulating panels)
  • Welding of thermoplastics
  • Drying of foundry sands, moulds, etc.
  • Drying and thermosetting of resins, lacquers, paints and inks on different substrates (fabrics, non-wovens, plastic films, leather, wood, glass, etc.)

and many more.

Photo gallery
slider image RF drying of technical ceramics (honeycomb)
slider image RF preheating of linoleum pellets before lamination
slider image RF systems for gluing and drying tapes, elastic bands, coated bands
slider image In-line RF dryer for wet-spun flax spools
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