Radio Frequency Organic treatment of Microbial Pathogens in Cannabis

Microbial pathogens, specifically mold and yeast, are a serious and common problem facing Cannabis cultivators, whether growing in indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor environments. High yeast and mold counts are one of the primary reasons for regulatory microbial compliance failure in Cannabis. Products that fail regulatory compliance levels impair topline revenue, increase risk of product recalls, and jeopardize a cultivator’s license.


Stalam has developed an organic, non-ionizing, and cost-effective solution to this problem: the post-harvest Radio Frequency (RF) treatment of Cannabis. Stalam’s “APEX” series equipment for the batch treatment of Cannabis effectively generates the heat necessary to kill microbial pathogens without compromising the Cannabis flower’s sensory qualities. The long radio wave of Stalam’s RF equipment penetrates uniformly throughout the flower, creating evenly distributed and consistent “volumetric heat”, unlike traditional thermal heating.


Operating at a 27.12 MHz frequency level, water molecules contained in the natural moisture of the Cannabis are excited by the electromagnetic field – whose polarity changes 27 million times per second, generating intermolecular friction and thus the heat necessary to kill microbial pathogens. Treatment temperatures range between 60°C -90°C in order to kill targeted pathogens through a combination of synergistic thermal and cell membrane electroporation effects.


This dual action of the RF field is lethal to the microbial pathogens contaminating the product, thus providing an effective reduction in microbial population. The RF treatment is proven to reduce total yeast and mold count (TYMC) to <10,000 cfu/g consistently in one cycle, with starting counts as high as 150,000 cfu/g, enabling cultivators to meet their regulatory requirements.


This significant level of reduction is achieved without using chemicals, drastic thermal treatments or radiation. Radio Frequency treatment preserves potency, moisture and cannabinoids, as well as the critically important texture, color and aroma sensory properties of the cannabis flower.

Comprehensive and instantaneous treatment

Unlike surface disinfection, the RF field penetrates instantaneously and consistently throughout the entire product mass, regardless of density, size or thickness. Batch sizes of 2 kg to 8 kg are treated within 15 minutes.

Safe, organic and chemical-free treatment

RF offers a certified organic and chemical-free process that is non-ionizing, non-irradiating and non-oxidizing. Reduces TYMC to less than 10,000 cfu/g in one cycle with a starting count up to 150,000 cfu/g.

Preserve potency and quality

The Cannabis preserves all physical and sensory qualities such as potency and cannabinoids, with no decarboxylation.


Radio Frequency Sanitisation of Cannabis “APEX”

Radio Frequency Treatment Process for Cannabis

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