Test & demo facilities

The Stalam testing lab is an integral part of our R&D and engineering departments. Through testing and analysis of the results, our experts can study in details the characteristics and behaviour of a product submitted to the Radio Frequency field, thus assessing the technical and economic feasibility of drying and thermal processes on specific substrates, based on customers’ requirements. In the same way, our engineers can identify the best process parameters and the technical specifications of the most suitable RF equipment to perform such processes.

Stalam’s R&D lab is equipped with a wide range of pilot machines available for product testing and demos. Such tests and demos can be performed in our headquarters or at our customers’ facilities as appropriate. Some of these machines are also available for rental for product and process development purposes or systematic testing sessions. Our highly qualified technical team will assist customers to develop better, more profitable and innovative process solutions.

Photo gallery
slider image Ultra-wideband BiLog antenna for EMC testing
slider image Meat thawing test
slider image Infrared thermometer
slider image Pilot plant
slider image Test on sponge cake with optical fiber thermal probes
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