As a world leader in the Radio Frequency technology, since its establishment Stalam has continuously been investing in R&D activities to make available to the industry the most innovative, efficient and reliable RF equipment.

Over the years, Stalam has invented and patented several methods, devices and equipment, becoming a benchmark for the RF technology worldwide.

Double Polarity RF Applicator

RF applicator that has the ability to deliver high power values to thin (low thickness) products by creating a highly-concentrated electric field even when fed with low RF voltages. Compared to traditional applicators, it drastically reduces the energy losses in the circuitry, thus increasing the overall energy efficiency, and prevents electrical arching that may damage both the product and the RF equipment.
(Patent n. 01266633)

Variable Configuration RF Applicator

RF applicator designed for products that require treatments with variable electric fields along the process in terms of both geometry and strength. This applicator allows to control as needed the amount of energy delivered to the product according to its structural and dimensional changes during the process.
(Patent n. PCT/IB2004/002121)

Concentrated electric field RF Applicator

Patented RF applicator designed for the fast thermal treatment of liquid products in the tube (continuous flow). Powered with low RF voltages, it amplifies and concentrates the electric field on a small volume, yet with no energy losses or risk of arching. It enables significant technological benefits such as pasteurisation or sterilisation at a much higher speed and lower temperature compared to traditional methods, thus preserving the chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics of the product.
(Patent n. 10515972 – 2486374 – 2002314520)

Electrothermal treatment for the sanitisation of products in bulk

RF technology especially developed for the thermal treatment of products in bulk, either on a conveyor belt or in the tube. The system can be applied to the disinfestation, sanitisation and pasteurisation of agricultural commodities (nuts, grains, cereals, pulses, etc.) and similar products. It enables rapid heat treatments that help to preserve at best the nutritional and sensorial properties of the substrate, yet achieving outstanding pest and microbial killing performance.
(Patent n. 15024934- 112013000080406)

Hygienic design and the sanitation (C.I.P.) system of its RF defrosting machines

Stalam has patented the hygienic design and the sanitation (C.I.P.) system of its RF defrosting machines, already proven to be the best performing defrosters for frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other frozen food products available in the world markets. The combination of specific equipment design and purposely added washing facilities allow the easy, frequent and thorough sanitation of the machine, thus ensuring no bacterial proliferation and hygienically safe operation.
(Patent n. PCT/IB2013/060161)