Pharma & Cosmetics

Drying and sanitisation of medicinal plants, spices, nutraceuticals, natural hair and more.

The Radio Frequency dielectric heating technology is nowadays widely used in various industrial sectors for the thermal treatment and drying of several raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Its success is due to the ability of radio waves to deeply penetrate and heat up many substrates quickly, uniformly and efficiently.


Besides the well known applications in the textile, technical-textile and food sectors, of which Stalam is already since long the technology and market leader, our company has been developing innovative treatments also in other industries, including those related to people’s health, well-being and beauty, such as: the moisture stabilisation and sanitisation of medicinal herbs and plants (including Cannabis for both medical and recreational uses), the sanitisation and shelf-life extension of aromatic herbs and spices, the drying of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intermediates, the drying of natural hair used for cosmetic purposes (extensions and wigs) and others.


A main concern in the drying and thermal treatment of such natural and delicate substrates is their sensitivity to heat: drastic and/or prolonged heat treatments may have detrimental effects on their physical, chemical, functional and sensorial characteristics. The Radio Frequency technology is in most cases a better alternative to conventional methods: since the required process temperatures (or the desired moisture reduction level) are reached rapidly and accurately, degradation of the product is reduced to a minimum. Moreover, RF equipment require less space compared to other machines based on conventional heating technologies (either for batch treatments on small product lots or for continuous processes on large product quantities in bulk) and because no energy is wasted into the environment, the RF process is more efficient, economic and environmentally friendly.