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Our team

Marco Cordeddu


Graduated in Law, Marco has matured a long experience in executive management, having held C.O.O. and C.E.O. roles in several companies active in diversified business sectors like automotive, communication, entertainment, editorial, textile and real estate. Marco is a multi-lingual business executive with a strong track record of successful outcomes able to forge solid relations with customers and partners. He joined Stalam in July 2019. 

Enrico Zanetti 

Managing Director

Doctor in Industrial Chemistry, Executive MBA, Enrico started his career in the industry joining Stalam in 1992. He became Marketing & Sales Director in 1997, leading the company to gain, in the following years, the world leadership. In 2005 he brought to a successful finalization the establishment of the Chinese j-v co. Stalam (Shanghai) DEYI. He took up the position as Managing Director in 2007, becoming at the same time a partner and a board member of the company.

Nicoletta Piazzetta 

Marketing Manager

Bachelor in Translation & Interpretation and Master in Marketing & Communication, Nicoletta is specialist in graphics and web design, with working and consulting experience in various Italian and European companies. She joined Stalam in 2017 to boost its market presence and brand awareness on a worldwide scale.

Fabio Scotton 

Sales Manager (Textile & Technical-textile)

Diploma in Design & Marketing, Fabio has been working in Stalam since 2006 after a long experience in marketing, sale and after sale services management of industrial machinery and equipment in various industrial sectors. He is in charge with marketing and sale activities of the company in the textile and technical-textile sectors.

Ugo Nicoletti

Sales Manager (Food)

Ugo is graduated in Enterprise Management, in Stalam since 2009 after a long experience in sale and after sale services management of industrial machinery and equipment in various industrial sectors. He is in charge with marketing and sale activities of the company in the food sector with a strong focus on the rapid defrosting application. 

Helmuth Zilio

Production & Purchasing Manager

Electro-technical high-school Diploma, Helmuth started his career at Stalam in 1991 as a servicing engineer and became afterwards deputy production manager. He has lately successfully taken up the position as production manager, rearranging and rationalizing the manufacturing logistics and procedures. He also oversees the purchasing department of the company.

Diego Bernardi

Technical Manager

Graduated in Electronic Engineering,  Diego joined Stalam in 1997, with a strong back-ground not only in the RF technology but also in electric and electronic equipment and controls, software development, quality system management. He also supervises the after-sale servicing activities of the company.


Alessandro Tonello

R&D Manager (Engineering & Equipment)

Doctor in Electronic Engineering, in Stalam since 1991, Alessandro is one of the major experts worldwide in the dielectric heating & drying applications of the RF technology and in the design of high-powered RF generators and equipment, also by using computer modeling techniques.  


Michele Bicego

R&D Manager (Technology & Applications)

Doctor in Chemical Engineering, in Stalam since 2008, Michele worked previously in the field of bio-technologies and is now responsible for lab testing and innovative applications of the RF technology, product characterization and process development.


Enrica Bellucci

Chief Financial Officer 

Graduated in Economics, Enrica joined Stalam in 2019 following a long experience in accounting and management control in several industrial sectors. She is in charge of the accounting, finance, control and HR department of the company.

Federica Cogo 

Accounts Manager

Diploma in Accounting & Finance, in Stalam since 1996. She oversees all the administration and accounting activities of the company.