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Dryers for felts and other non-wovens

Dryers for felts and other non-wovens


In spite some felt products for industrial use are very thick (several centimetres), the majority of felt sheets, non-wovens, impregnated fabrics, etc. are just a few mm thick or up to 10-20 mm.

In order to dry efficiently products having such thicknesses, some years ago Stalam has developed and patented an innovative electrode system, the double-polarity electrode, that ensures the following benefits:


  • it can deliver higher RF power values (thus evaporating correspondingly more water), while working at significantly lower electrode voltages
  • thanks to the lower electrode voltages, there are less energy losses in the air and the overall power consumption of the machine is lower, thus cutting energy costs by a further 10-20%
  • thanks to the lower electrode voltages, all the machine’s high voltage components are less stressed and the overall reliability of the machine is greatly improved
  • thanks to the individually insulated multiple-rods design, the eventual centre-lateral sides moisture content differentials can be easily compensated by a suitable curve or inclination of the electrode rods
  • thanks to the possibility to place the double-polarity electrode symmetrically above and below the product, the RF line fields can be concentrated specifically in the centre of the product and not on the upper / lower surfaces, so where the water has more difficulty to leave the product


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