“RF” and “RFA” series dryers

With more than 1,800 units in operation, the “RF” series dryers are Stalam’s best sellers. They are multi-purpose dryers particularly suitable for yarn in packages and cakes as well as for worsted fibres (tops) in bobbin and bump form.


Almost all combinations of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, pure or blended, in every count and form can be dried perfectly, down to the desired residual moisture level, with outstanding efficiency and quality results that cannot be achieved with any conventional drying system.

In the “RFA” (Radio Frequency Assisted) series dryers, the RF treatment is combined with a conventional warm air circulation system.


Over the years, several innovations have been introduced in the “RF” and “RFA” series dryers, like the extensive use of stainless steel inside the drying tunnel, a new conveyor belt tracking and tensioning system, the modular-type polypropylene conveyor belt, the multi-position upper electrode system, the new electronic board to control the RF generator’s working parameters and the PLC with related software for the fully automated management of the drying process.


The state-of-the-art Stalam “RF” and “RFA” model dryers allow savings in operating costs up to 10-15% compared to other standard radio frequency dryers available in the world markets.


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