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Tempering and defrosting

Rapid defrosters for vegetables, fruits and other products "COLDWAVE+"


Radio Frequency tempering minimises the drip loss of frozen fruits and vegetables, which therefore retain their texture, flavour and freshness. 

The treatment can be performed on IQF products or blocks. The multi-position upper electrode system and the wide conveyor belt allow to process a wide range of sizes and weights: from few kg to 30 kg and from few cm to 23 cm high (standard configuration). Upon request, the machine can be customized to process bigger and heavier blocks.

Thanks to the characteristics of the RF field and the different types of conveyor belt available, the product can be processed packaged (in PE film/liner or bag, open or vacuumed, PE+carton, PP crates or trays, etc.) or in bulk.



Carrots, corn, zucchini, tofu, spinach, peas, onions, seaweeds, butternut, potatoes, chili, etc.


Strawberries, apples, berries, juices, fruit pulp, etc.


Butter, margarine, ice-cream, liquid eggs, ready meals, etc.

Block 20 kg 
From -18°C to -1 / +1°C in 15 minutes

Block 20 kg 
From -18°C to -1 / +2°C in 10 minutes

Block 20 kg 
From -18°C to -2 / 0°C in 15 minutes

Soft Cheese
Packages 350 gr 
From -18°C to -2 / +6°C in 15 minutes 

Packed block 25 kg 
From -18°C to -3 / +4°C in 40 minutes

Raw Bread Dough before proving
Piece 330 g 
From -20°C to -2 / +10°C in 10 minutes

Raw Bread Dough after proving
Piece 330 g 
From -20°C to 0 / +10°C in 10 minutes

IQF Strawberries
Block 10 Kg
From -18°C to -1.0/-3.0   in 19 minutes

Crushed Pinapple
Block 10 Kg
From -19°C to -1.0/-2.0 in 40 minutes

Coconut juice
Block 10 Kg 
From -19°C to -1.0/-2.0 in 40 minutes

Egg white
Block 10 Kg 
From -18°C to -1.5/-2.0 in 42 minutes

Kiwi Puree
Block 20 Kg
From -19°C to -1.5/-3.0 in 35 minutes

Carrot juice
Block 10 Kg
From -19°C to -1.0/-2.0 in 48 minutes



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