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Baking and post-baking processing


The oven is the “heart” of any bakery.  The baking oven is where the product gets its shape, texture, colour and taste. You could say it is where a basic mixture of ingredients becomes “a product”. Yet, ovens can be used not only to bake, but also to carry out other processes, all related to the supply of a certain quantity of thermal energy to the product. So, ovens can also be “drying ovens”, “pasteurising ovens”, etc. In many cases, depending on the characteristics of the product and on the specific goals of the thermal process, providing the required energy by means of an electromagnetic field instead of a conventional system based on heat conduction, convection or radiation, may bring various technical, technological and economic benefits. 


Sometimes, heating by electromagnetic waves may even deliver results that could not be achieved under any circumstances with a traditional oven. Based on the above considerations, over the years Stalam has developed a range of specific radio frequency ovens to complement or even replace conventional ovens normally used in industrial bakeries.

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