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Applications for industrial bakeries

Oven for white-crust bread "WAVEBAKE+"


Traditional baking is carried out in forced air convection ovens where the heat is transferred to the surface of the dough by convection, conduction and irradiation, then from the surface towards the inside just by heat conduction. Due to its spongy structure, the dough has a low heat conductivity, therefore the traditional baking process is slow and gets even slower along the baking process, due to the crust formation.

The possibility of using electromagnetic waves for a full baking process without conventional heat depends on the ability of the related equipment to deliver and distribute correctly the energy onto the dough pieces.

Recently, Stalam has introduced a revolutionary “variable configuration” electrode (patented), which is capable of delivering controlled quantities of RF energy in different positions between the electrodes where the product is still “developing” (ie. changing its volume), as required by the baking process. Moreover, Stalam radio frequency ovens are equipped with an exclusive and extremely accurate system to control the energy transmitted to the electrodes from the RF generators, through variable capacitors fitted in independent and consecutive oven “modules”. These developments have made it possible to ensure a perfectly even and controlled baking process of all the dough pieces passing through the RF oven.

The RF baking oven developed by Stalam is a real breakthrough in the baking technology worldwide. The equipment’s basic configuration is extremely flexible and can be adapted to small or large production capacities (say from 250 kg/h to 2,500 kg/h of dough), different type and size products (ie. not only bread loaves), to be fully baked or par-baked, etc. paving the way to the possibility of developing totally new products, not existing in the market, yet.






Reduced baking time

Drastically reduced baking time, from three to five times less than traditional ovens

Shorter baking oven

Shorter baking oven, with considerable floor space savings for a given production capacity

Energy-saving process

Energy saving process, thanks to the high efficiency of the direct heating system

Economical and flexible system

More economical and flexible system, to produce normal crusted bread, par-baked or fully baked white-crust bread, without compromising on the production capacity


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